Provide THE HIGHEST ATTENTION TO DETAIL, TO PROVIDE VALUE, Property Dimension, Safety & Security for the most cherished assets you have, your family & home.

About SNOL

Southern Nights Outdoor Lighting is a Home Advisor "Top Rated Professional" & Check A Pro Approved Professional.  That means we Uphold the Highest Business Ethics and are Background Checked, Certified, Insured & Trusted Professionals with an attention to detail.  We are exclusive to the KICHLER premium line of Outdoor LED Lighting.  Southern Nights Outdoor Lighting by Design, wants you to see and appreciate your home in an all new dimension.  Most beautiful homes and estates are well appreciated by day but then when the sun goes down, the beauty and elegance goes with it.  Improve your investment with nighttime curb appeal, with the Economic and Environmental benefits of KICHLER low-voltage, LED Soft Lighting.  

Our low-voltage professional lighting instillations are very economical to operate & provide year-round lighting.  The Added Beauty and Distinction in your property and estate, results in Enhanced Outdoor Enjoyment, Pleasure, Safety & Value.  We proudly serve NW & W Houston, Rural Country Estates, Lake Homes and Exclusive Ranch Homes. A Cypress residence for over 22 years.  Our Family Owned and operated business is staffed with an electrician.  We are professionals that install the highest quality electrical components & premier line of Certified KICHLER LED Soft Outdoor Lighting and fixtures.  From our initial consultation to installation, light-up and years beyond, we are there to ensure the job is done right the first time with complete customer service and satisfaction.